Adding Value to Emdeon ExpressBill Services

The IntelliJet™ Printing System

Emdeon is pleased to announce the arrival of the next generation in printing technology, which will expand and improve the capabilities of Emdeon ExpressBill Services to accelerate patient statement printing and provide more communication opportunities, all with an exceptional level of system reliability and accuracy.

Maximize communication opportunities with custom statement messaging
Save money by communicating with your patients directly through their statements instead of paying extra for separate mailings. With this sophisticated printing technology, Emdeon can print statements that include customized messages at the batch, group or individual statement level.

Greater statement design flexibility
With this new printing system, statement information such as standard legal disclaimers or letterhead design can be quickly updated to accommodate your needs. This added flexibility in statement design also provides cost savings by eliminating the additional fees for destroying unused preprinted paper stock.

Advanced print quality for razor sharp, vibrant patient statements
The Pitney Bowes®IntelliJet™ Printing System prints full-color statements in a high resolution (1200 x 600 dpi resolution) which produces sharp logos and imagery with crystal clear text. Emdeon will also be able to accommodate nearly any request for adding four-color printing to either side of the statement to produce eye-catching patient statements.

Accelerate patient payments with expedited insertion into the mailstream
Emdeon will be able to get statements into the mailstream more quickly. Since the IntelliJet™ Printing System integrates with advanced presorting software and eliminates the need for preprinted forms, statement printing, processing and delivery is accelerated.

Closed loop processing for greater print and mail precision
The IntelliJet™ Printing System offers an unmatched level of system integrity and process control. A closed-loop workflow monitors the entire process from beginning to end, to help ensure statement accuracy. With this advanced printing system, you can also get peace of mind knowing your patient statement printing and mailing can seamlessly continue to function with enhanced reliability using our secure network of redundant back-up servers.

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