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Anatomy of a patient-friendly bill
One of the major discussions this summer has revolved around the Errata for some of the HIPAA 5010 Implementation Guides (TR3s). X12N released the Errata for publication on August 5, and they are now being considered for adoption as a part of a standard by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Even though the Errata have not yet been adopted by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), many Covered Entities are nonetheless preparing to update their gap analyses accordingly if and when the Errata are adopted.

In simple terms, the Errata are supplemental information that contain modifications to some of the TR3s. Not only must senders adopt the Errata, but so also must receivers if they are to perform a successful exchange of information.

To help our clients with HIPAA readiness, Emdeon is publishing updated gap analyses for the transaction code sets to reflect the Errata once they are adopted by CMS. Like all of our other documentation on HIPAA Simplified, these updated gap analyses will be available to download for free. Visitors only need to type in their email addresses, and they’ll be able to pick from our vast library of documentation.

For visitors who search for new documentation on HIPAA Simplified, we have good news: we’re currently updating our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to incorporate new questions we’ve answered since publishing the first FAQ.

Additionally, our Pharmacy team has been working on new NCPDP D.0 gap analyses. As always, we’ll update our Downloads page to highlight the new or updated documentation for quick access and easy download.

We’re also excited to announce that Emdeon will be launching a new regulatory e-newsletter later this year, which we’ll use not only to communicate updates to HIPAA Simplified, but also to keep our clients up-to-date on industry news that will impact them. We’ll also use the e-newsletter to announce the publication of new documentation. Check HIPAA Simplified over the next few weeks as we share more information about how to stay in the loop concerning the ongoing transition to HIPAA 5010.

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