Employ the View, Tame the Claims: Rejections Become the Exception with Emdeon Vision for Claim Management

Nobody likes rejection.

That’s especially true for those in the business of providing healthcare. For providers, rejection —in the form of returned claims— means payment for services rendered will be delayed or, worse yet, denied. Every claim that must be corrected and resubmitted costs providers valuable time and money.

Your business strives to help providers get paid in a fast and efficient manner so they can focus on providing best care for their patients. To serve that purpose, thankfully, Emdeon shares your vision.

Emdeon Vision for Claim Management is a robust, online claims management reporting tool—with specially tailored versions for providers, channel partners, payers and Emdeon support. Utilizing today’s leading information and communications technologies, Emdeon Vision organizes and translates digital data about claims into understandable, actionable information. You can readily access details regarding all your customers’ claims, and manage their claims in a quick, efficient manner with Vision’s 20/20 insights and 360° perspectives.

Get the unobstructed view of customer claims.
We understand you need clear, unveiled information to better serve your customers. That’s why we made customizable alert reporting a core offering of Emdeon Vision. We’ve made it simple to set preferred criteria for searches. Query by customer, claims or dollars rejected (amount or percentage) and generate online reports (no need for printing) to identify struggling providers and address their most common rejection issues.

Additionally, you can track provider usage of Emdeon Vision, noting frequency of use and reports generated. Emdeon’s recent market research proves that providers who regularly utilize Emdeon Vision reduce rejected claims, experience measurable gains and are able to resolve many support issues internally. Thus, your knowledge of use will help pinpoint and respond to areas of opportunities within your customer base, instead of fielding productivity-inhibiting support calls.

Emdeon Vision for Vendors features
• claims search options: quantity rejection or dollar amount percentage
• alert reporting: quick view of claims issues requiring action
• utilization reporting: detailed insights into usage by customer

A clear view lets providers become insiders
Providers directly benefit from the transparent view offered by Emdeon Vision. This tool takes providers from the ‘outside looking in’ to the ‘inside looking out,’ giving them timely intelligence and empowering them to substantively improve the claims process. As one provider recently stated, Emdeon Vision is like having “...a snapshot of the health of the practice.”

Emdeon Vision for Providers features
- landing page metrics: top items requiring attention, including rejected or unworked claims and a File Summary Status matrix
- flexible work flow options: multiple search options and filters
- dashboard analytics: easy-to-read views for trend and issue identification
- mobile option: essential information formatted for smartphone viewing

Results from a recent user poll reveal the effectiveness of Emdeon Vision in practical application. The majority of respondents indicated that use of Vision has reduced outstanding accounts receivable. Most noted they no longer require text-based reports thanks to the immediate results of the online reporting tool. Likewise, many providers have reduced or ceased calls for support regarding claim status, as Vision provides direct access to that essential information. Nearly 90% of the respondents indicated that Emdeon Vision exceeds their expectations.

Even with overall satisfaction so high, Emdeon continues to improve Emdeon Vision. Recently Emdeon Vision added the Emdeon payer list to the portal, integration of ERAs, as well as Customer Service alerts from Emdeon ON24/7. In the near future, this innovative tool will be enhanced with fee-based add-on features such as payment management, advanced claiming (auto and work comp), comparative community reporting and in-system refiling capabilities. We’ll offer real-time eligibility and claim status within Vision soon, as well.

Ready to improve the view for your customers and gain insights on their claims? Contact us to get started.

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