A Place at the National Podium

Emdeon’s Senior V.P. Miriam Paramore Addressed Delegates, Officials & Notable Guests, Shared in National Dialogue at a DNC Healthcare Reform Forum

Amidst the feverish excitement of the recent Democratic National Convention in Denver, Emdeon Business Services participated in an event—in a national dialogue, really—that soberly transcended party lines or affiliations to address a topic relevant to all Americans: healthcare reform.

The public Health Policy Forum, of which Emdeon was a corporate sponsor for an opening VIP reception, brought together a host of influential figures to discuss the present and future of our nation’s healthcare system. Emdeon’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Miriam Paramore, herself a recognized thought leader in the industry, offered opening remarks for the reception, representing Emdeon in welcoming the likes of Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, author of the E-MEDS Bill which requires e-prescribing for Medicare, columnist Arianna Huffington, and Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius.

“Emdeon is in the conversation,” Paramore says, recapping her experience at the event. “I’m thrilled to represent a company that’s doing the right thing...participating in the dialogue on the healthcare crisis that affects us all...to help in real, material way.”

Paramore came away energized not only by Emdeon’s role in the national discussion, but in how the company plays a substantive role in “moving the needle” by digitizing the industry and using information technology to turn raw data into usable information. Effective information exchange is essential to the functioning of the entire healthcare system, especially as that system is in a constant state of evolution.

“Our mission is to simplify the business of healthcare,” Paramore explains. “That’s why we are part of discussions on public policy and regulation, to stay on the forefront and influence direction changes that impact the electronic exchange of healthcare information. We are often the connecting point that keeps our customers prepared and ready. ”

Now more than ever, Emdeon is the “glue for the industry when changes occur that impact health information exchange.” By staying close to the regulatory machination, Emdeon is consistently ahead of the game, investing to accommodate altering governmental and industry standards/requirements long before business partners will be affected.

From pay-for-performance issues to handling unfunded mandates and quality initiatives, Emdeon aggressively seeks ways to use technology to make data accurate, expedient and readily accessible for payers, providers, and pharmacies. By improving eligibility transactions and applying business intelligence to EDI, Emdeon is helping reduce the $150 billion of inefficiencies related to insurance and billing activities that burden the healthcare system each year.

“Of course, this is our business, and our customers are our priority. Yet as we better serve our customers, we are improving the system as a whole. We’re motivated to step up our corporate responsibility to make a difference. We are not on the sidelines, in the quest for true reforms” Paramore summarizes. “We encourage our business partners to do the same.”

What does all this mean to you? Here are a few key ‘take aways’ Paramore shares with you from her DNC Health Reform Forum experience.

• Join the conversation.
What individuals in your organization are committed to knowing issues, defining goals and finding solutions? Whether you begin simply by staying more informed or you choose to participate more prominently, you must be in the mix; your voice is vital to reform.

• Start your own conversation. Create ways to communicate with constituencies within your organization about key issues, to gain perspective from all angles. Start dialogue, and ensure communication is two-way so that questions, ideas and information can be shared effectively.

• You can count on Emdeon to help connect the dots. As you join in discussion and generate conversation from within, you can count on Emdeon to help filter and share information from throughout the industry. Connect with your Emdeon account manager and we will always do our best to accurately represent your ideas, questions and concerns to the associations and industry and governmental groups in which we participate.

From the Podium to Practical Application
Emdeon's new patient responsibility estimator is a real step in the right direction

Because we’re as committed to taking action as we are to being part of the discussion, we’re launching the new Patient Responsibility Estimator. This exciting new tool enhances transparency of cost for patients who are increasingly responsible for paying for healthcare services. Learn more about the Patient Responsibility Estimator in the Beyond Price Transparency article of this newsletter.

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