Easing the Pain of Workers' Compensation Bills

Electronic transactions will save time, money and headaches

Throw away those paperclips, because soon Workers’ Compensation Bill and Bill Attachments will finally be able to be sent electronically!

On August 5th, 2008, Emdeon announced the launch of a new electronic solution for the filing of Workers’ Compensation, Auto Medical bills and simultaneous electronic submission of required documentation.

Once our new solution launches in Q4 2008, this new transmission solution will allow payers and providers to streamline submission and bill processing for jurisdictional ASC X 12N 837 Workers’ Compensation and Auto Medical bills. By enabling medical reports and documentation to be submitted electronically along with billing, our solution ensures compliance with new state eBill mandates. This solution will also eliminate the barriers that had previously complicated the acceptance of eBill traffic from healthcare claim subscribers, thereby helping deliver clean bills to carriers.

The Emdeon process for eBills will follow current providers and payer workflow for sending/receiving any other electronic claim, Group Health or Government claim. Using the State of Texas guidelines, the eBill submission is more in line with the Group Health HIPAA 837. The only significant differences are data content placement and the attachment process.

This Emdeon solution will be integrated into the Emdeon Vision Suite. Providers will be able send attachments by two methods: either upload an electronic attachment, or print a barcoded fax cover sheet. The bill and attachment will be processed and linked, then sent to the Workers’ Compensation payer. Providers will also receive claim status reports and ERAs.

We are excited about this new product because it will simplify your Workers’ Compensation bill and attachment processing. To learn more ways we’re Simplifying the Business of Healthcare contact us today 877.EMDEON.6, or visit us online at emdeon.com .

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