It's almost payment your providers know where their claims are?

Providers get a better look at claims' status with Emdeon VisionSM for Claim Management
Determining the status of healthcare claims once they have been submitted has always been a painful and time consuming process, but with Emdeon VisionSM for Claim Management providers can track any claim on the largest network in healthcare, all from one place. This is a powerful, web-based application designed to give providers the same simplified, end-to-end visibility into the claim cycle that is already available to our channel partner and payer customers.

Clear and concise monitoring
With Emdeon VisionSM for Claim Management, once the claim has been submitted providers will be able to monitor its progress through centralized and easy-to-read claim summaries. This will replace their need to call multiple payers, visit multiple websites to get updated claim statuses and also reduces the number of calls to your call center by empowering your providers to with a tool to research their own claims. These summaries allow providers to quickly scan all claims and focus staff attention on ones that require further work, then sort and search claims according to a variety of different elements. Having the ability to quickly rework the claim also helps reduce or eliminate painful delays in their cash flow. Since all searches are done electronically, providers will no longer need to worry about patients in their office overhearing the sensitive information that is sometimes exchanged over the phone.

Reduce rejections and delays
Every provider has to deal with some level of claim rejections, but with Emdeon VisionSM for Claim Management they will be able to view and take corrective action on incorrect codes that can save weeks over manual processes. Your provider partners can also expect to get accurate and detailed monitoring thanks to intuitive reports. The reports can quickly reveal important trends like where your claims are being delayed, and they'll get them in consistent formats to eliminate the labor-intensive task of monitoring paper claims. Spotting trends in rejections can also lead to higher first-pass acceptance rates and save even more time and money.

Emdeon VisionSM for Claim Management combines all of these valuable features into one easy-to-use and centralized solution that greatly increases your ability to offer a clear view of what's happening with claims almost as it happens. Your provider partners will have the same great insight and monitoring capabilities as the nation's leading payer groups, which improves their ability to predict and manage cash flow while focusing more on the cornerstone of any healthcare business: patients.

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