Emdeon Vision for Claims Management - New and upcoming features for channel partners

Next/Previous functionality on searches within reports:

Previously, when a user searched on a specific text within any report, it highlighted all matches in yellow, but did not take you to display where this text was. The Next/Previous functionality will now allow vendors to select a forward arrow to jump through each match quickly (as well as jump backwards in order).

File Rejected Message in File Summary: When the file ID was selected on a rejected file from the summary screen, it displayed an empty claim summary page in the previous functionality. With this enhancement, Emdeon Vision will now display with file level rejection info in it.

Additional claim attributes navigation between error messages: Previously "Additional Claim Attributes" from the dynamic claim detail pop out window would only bring up the most recent errors that a claim had. This new feature will show you if there are multiple error codes allowing you to choose which one you want to look at via a drop down menu of error codes.


Take advantage of the Emdeon Vision for Claims Management training videos: Channel partner training videos along with the provider videos can be viewed via Emdeon ON24/7 from the video Library under the references menu while provider training videos for Emdeon Vision for Claims Management can be viewed via Emdeon Vision in the Education Center. We have also added some new updated training videos for channel partners and providers that touch upon the newer features added in 2012.

New videos available now!
Provider Dashboard
Claim detail and claim summary

Provider Training Videos
Claim Summary and Claim Detail

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