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A look at your business priorities & Emdeon Provider Complete

Emdeon recently conducted a research study in partnership with a third party research firm to determine the priorities that our channel partners are most focused on in the next 12 to 18 months. The results were telling.

In some instances, the responses of channel partners mirrored those that would be expected of their customers. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and Meaningful Use, as well as ICD-10 changes were on the list. However, channel partners’ priorities went deeper, specifically calling out the key ways that they as solutions providers must be able to lead providers through the industry’s unfolding regulations and beyond. These priorities include:

• Customer retention
• Growth
• Increased ROI
• Maintaining excellent support through ICD-10 changes
• Upgrading of software to an EHR compatible system
• Overcoming implementation obstacles
• Integrating hospitals and physicians
• Finding innovative billing/payment software.

Some of these goals, like customer retention, growth and increased revenue, are likely to remain constant through any season. Others are ways of getting to what your customers are asking for.

Here is a question for you.

How do you establish a 24/7 excellent customer service department, grow your sales and expand services mentioned above, all without adding any new staff members, facilities or operations?

The answer is simple. Utilize Emdeon’s resources to make it happen.

That’s right. The full-service Emdeon Provider Complete model is a robust offering that can help you get to that goal of bringing more services, support—and value—to your providers, without having to add people, expand internal capabilities or acquire costly office space or expand operations. We have tailored this solution with a deep understanding of what you and your providers need to succeed in the healthcare landscape.

And if there is still a question in your mind why Emdeon Provider Complete should be your choice, we have a very straightforward answer for that also. Through your one connection to Emdeon, your providers have access to the most labs, pharmacies and payers in the industry enabling health information exchange, Meaningful Use, lab results & orders, ePrescribing, a full suite of EDI solutions and industry leading patient payment solutions. No one else can offer all of this to your providers. With a business partner like Emdeon, this can become your strength also.

Here’s a quick look at the Emdeon Provider Complete Solution offering:
• Say goodbye to months of backlogged payer enrollments because Emdeon will take care of all that. We closely monitor providers as they are going live to minimize rejections

• We also provide front line support for all EDI related issues so that you don’t have to. There will no longer be a need for you to be the intermediary point as your providers will be able to submit and track all support issues directly with Emdeon.

• Proactive claim rejection monitoring is also provided so providers can rest easy knowing that their cash flow is being closely monitored by Emdeon.

• Emdeon can be an extension of your sales team, reaching out to your providers and helping cross-sell solutions that benefit both you and your providers.

• Emdeon’s revenue cycle management capabilities can be tightly integrated into any practice management software.

The Emdeon Provider Complete Solution helps you not only compete, but win as well. Emdeon processes billions of health information exchanges annually within our expansive network of hospitals, pharmacies, doctors, dentists and laboratories. We have developed innovative technology solutions for claim rejection monitoring, payer enrollment for providers, 24/7 customer support and more. Our solutions are engineered for compliance and can be easily implemented and integrated while being easy to use.

Emdeon Provider Complete Solution is designed to help make you and your providers successful. With Emdeon Provider Complete, your business won’t miss opportunities or leave providers with fragmented services. You can offer a total package to your providers while being able to focus on customer retention and growth.

To learn more or get started, please call 855.559.8654 or email

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