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Emdeon Vision for Claim Management is a robust, online claims management reporting tool—with specially tailored versions for providers, channel partners, payers and Emdeon support, all leveraging the same data. Utilizing today’s leading information and communications technologies, Emdeon Vision organizes and translates digital data about claims into understandable, actionable information. You can readily access details regarding all your customers’ claims, and manage their claims in a quick, efficient manner with Emdeon Vision’s 360° views of claims.

Discover these new enhancements to Emeon Vision:

We understand you need clear, unveiled information to better serve your customers. You and your providers have been asking for the following enhancements to Emdeon Vision and we listened. Now we’re excited to introduce these great features to you and your providers:
5010 Indicator—In Emdeon Vision, an indicator has been added on the claim detail page that indicates if the claim was sent inbound in the 5010 format.

Service Enrollment Matrix—Available from the Emdeon Vision landing page, this feature displays all of the provider services available by payer to alert providers to features they may not be taking advantage of, for each of their contracted payers.

Customizable Alerts—Within the preferences section of Emdeon Vision, providers can now set options and thresholds for the types of email alerts they get related to claims activity. These alerts will give them even more visibility into claim rejections and other key metrics.

Eligibility & Claim Status Check—Providers are now able to check eligibility on a rejected claim or submit a payer claim status request for an individual claim from the claim detail screen within Emdeon Vision.

Standardized Payer Messages—We’ve standardized payer claim status response messages for the provider version of Emdeon Vision to be specific, actionable and more user-friendly.

Secondary Claims—From the Emdeon Vision claim detail screen, providers will be able create a secondary claim from a primary claim. This will allow them to make changes and create the secondary claim to the payer.

Export to Excel—1,000 Row Expansion—In Emdeon Vision, the claim summary only displays 1,000 rows. This feature will allow users to download ALL the data from their query in a way that allows them to sort and manipulate it.

Coming Soon!
• Claim Correct and Re-file—Providers will be able to view and edit a claim from the claim detail screen. This will allow them to make changes and re-submit the claim to the payer.

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