Introducing Emdeon's Latest Innovations:

Two New Bigger, Faster, Better Solutions to Simplify Your Business...Again!

Have you ever seen a duck gliding on a lake? The image looks so serene, as sunlight gleams on the iridescent feathers of the duck skimming smoothly, seamlessly on the glasslike water. Yet just underneath the surface, the duck’s feet paddle quickly, furiously, relentlessly—in constant, concerted effort to keep moving forward. It takes lots of work to look that effortless.

Emdeon is much like that duck; our systems are ceaselessly working, and our people are endlessly innovating bigger, faster, better ways to simplify the business of healthcare. As our partner, you enjoy the smooth reliability of the more than 100 solutions Emdeon offers. You conduct business with seamless functionality because we’re constantly below the surface—paddling nonstop to save you time, money and effort in managing the revenue and payment cycle.

But at Emdeon, ‘bigger, faster, better’ is never enough, because our goal is to give you the services and support needed to be leaders. We stay in a mode of innovation to advance our existing solutions and pinpoint new ones to enhance your ever-growing, ever-changing business. Now, we’re pleased to report that all the proverbial paddling has paid off again in the form of two major innovations.

Introducing Emdeon’s data center additions and new, best-in-class print technology.

Emdeon Data Centers
On the occasion of the opening of the second of two new data centers, we invite you to look below the surface to get a glimpse of all that goes on to not only keep the single largest financial and administrative information exchange in the U.S. healthcare system going but to take its capabilities to new heights.

Our data centers deftly, reliably and securely transmit the unbelievable number of information exchange points and transactions the business of healthcare demands at any given minute, on any given day. Yet the volume of data exchanged is not nearly as impressive—or important—as what the new centers enable us to do with the data itself.

Rather than keep data chained together through separate business rules and processes as was required in the past, the technology behind our systems allows us to create data mash-ups, combining and aggregating data making information more useful and nimble.

Here’s a quick look at the advanced capabilities our data centers can enable.

For providers:
- Get paid sooner thanks to electronic claims that are auto-corrected and/or enriched with eligibility data to increase auto-adjudication rates.
- Receive remittance advice or estimate of payment within seconds of filing an electronic claim.
- Easily obtain comprehensive, accurate patient medical and prescription history within a collaborative care community.
- Monitor patients’ adherence to disease management protocols over defined periods of time within your collaborative care community.

For payers:
- Decrease call center and other operational costs thanks to minimization of errors or omissions on claims filed by providers.
- Detect insurance fraud prior to claims payment.
- Offer preventative patient care messages to providers based on patient medical and pharmacy histories.
- Eliminate pounds of paper currently received by mail or fax.

By bringing the new data centers online, we have streamlined many of our business processes, reducing the human factor and minimizing the potential for errors. By automating these processes, we can more accurately measure performance and anticipate issues before they become a problem. As a result, since the new centers have been online, calls into our call center have steadily dropped, while customer satisfaction has increased.

Our new, massive data centers live up to their billing as ‘state-of-the-art’ in every sense of the phrase. With hundreds of miles between them, these facilities are redundant yet independent to ensure all data is secure, safe and accessible without interruption. They exchange data at lightning-speed to eliminate downtime issues and further our capabilities as the single largest financial and administrative information exchange in the U.S. healthcare system.

•55,000 sq. ft. containing 2,000 servers
•2 petabytes of storage (That’s 2,000 terabytes!)
•20+ Load Balancers (10+ Redundant Clusters)
•900 Microsoft Windows Servers
•350 IBM AIX Unix Servers
•500+ VMWare Virtual Guests
•450 databases
•100% future growth potential

Unparalleled Printing Advancements
We have introduced the Pitney Bowes® IntelliJet™ 30 Printing System to herald the next generation in on-demand printing technology and patient communications production. As one of only three such systems in the world, Pitney Bowes IntelliJet™ takes the idea of “fast and high quality printing” to stratospheric levels. With amazing 1200x600 dpi output of 1,380 pages per minute, there is virtually no limit to what you can create, design and produce for your patient communications.
• Advanced print quality for razor sharp, vibrant patient statements
• Full-color statements in an extremely high resolution—1200 x 600 dpi
• Capable of four-color printing on both sides of the statement
• 1,380 pages per minute (400 feet of paper per minute)

With this new printing capability, Emdeon ExpressBill now has extreme capacity to handle patient statement production responsively in whatever quantities you need. We’re able to quickly update your statement design and content and print on demand—as needed, eliminating costs and waste associated with traditional, pre-printing methods.

Most impressively, this new printing system ensures statements enter the mail stream significantly sooner through logical presorting that combines postal codes prior to printing. This advanced capability eliminates the delays associated with the traditional USPS sorting process. Now we print your batches of statements in full color, in the presorted manner, allowing statements to hit the mail immediately upon print completion. Statements that get mailed sooner often lead to faster payment.

At Emdeon, we know we’re doing our job if you only see “the duck gliding on the water” with not so much as a worry about what must happen to keep things moving smoothly. Hopefully, this brief view beneath the surface deepens your appreciation for the innovations we’ve created. Now you can go about your business even more simply, while we keep ‘paddling’ to our next round of innovative solutions.

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